Jackson State Linebacker “Allegedly” Defrauded the Government for $227K

During covid a Jackson State Linebacker lead a group of football players who allegedly took the government for over $227,000. They had asked for over $900,000 in unemployment benefits but were paid out the $227K.

He got pinched just recently but posted bail.

Now I don’t know much about defrauding the government, I stick to sports betting, but let’s just say I know a guy who knows a guy.

When you’re going to try and steal from the government, the key is don’t get too greedy. Asking for $900K is a bit much. If you would have asked for $100 or $200K that might have worked.

I don’t get where you would think you need that much money. When you are in college most everything is paid for or on credit. All you need is a little extra beer money.

And to think that you need to replace a salary. Everybody knows that college football players don’t make a salary in the first place. I don’t see where you would think that this would work.

Hopefully these guys didn’t spend all that $227K cause they’re going to need a good lawyer.

Author: Joey Bets

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