Jon Gruden out as Raiders Head Coach

Tonight NFL network and ESPN are reporting that Jon Gruden has been fired as coach of the Las Vegas Raiders. Apparently somebody got a hold of Gruden’s personal emails and wrote a story about it in the paper. The 12 people who still get the paper were appalled at what Gruden said in some of those emails and word has gotten around.

The NFL and most of the major sports leagues are pretty big on social justice. It is pretty bad timing to have this come out now. I wonder how Gruden’s emails got out and who was searching for them.

The Raiders were actually having a pretty decent season at 3-2 if you take away yesterday’s loss to the Bears. Gruden was in year 4 of a 10 year contract, but the Raiders might be able to get out of it if they fire Gruden for cause.

I heard that in one of the emails Gruden said (NFLPA Head) “DeMaurice Smith has lips like michelin tires.” And there is probably many other colorful sayings just like that that may be coming out in the next few days. Gruden’s emails were like this over a period of 7 years. Of course, Gruden is joking around when he says phrases like that, but it isn’t that funny to a lot of people who find it very offensive.

Raider’s Owner Mark Davis fired Gruden almost immediately after seeing the full contents of the emails. I’m curious what other colorful language was used, but I doubt that we will get to see the full contents.

Author: Joey Bets

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