NFL Week 18

It’s time for the last week in the NFL regular season- week 18. Of course, this is the first week 18 as we have never had 17 regular season games before. All the playoff seeding and matchups will be decided today and tomorrow.

Here’s the schedule and lines…

(Times are Eastern and odds from BetOnline.)


4:30pm Chiefs (-11.5) at Broncos total 44.5

8:15pm Cowboys (-3.5) at Eagles total 44.5


1:00pm Bengals at Browns (-6) total 37

1:00pm Packers (-3.5) at Lions total 44.5

1:00pm Bears at Vikings (-4) total 44

1:00pm The Foosball Team (-7) at Giants total 37.5

1:00pm Colts (-15) at Jaguars total 44

1:00pm Steelers at Ravens (-3.5) total 41

1:00pm Titans (-10) at Texans total 42.5

4:25pm Saints (-3.5) at Falcons total 40

4:25pm Jets at Bills (-16) total 40.5

4:25pm 49ers at Rams (-4) total 44.5

4:25pm Patriots (-6) at Dolphins total 40

4:25pm Seahawks at Cardinals (-5.5) total 48

4:25pm Panthers at Bucs (-8.5) total 41.5

8:20pm Chargers (-3) at Raiders total 48.5

Get your bets in and enjoy the last regular season week!

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