Pac 12/ACC/Big 10 Alliance or Axis of Evil?

So the Pac 12, ACC, and Big 10 announced a new Axis of Evil this week. Sorry I mean alliance.

Now why would the 3 conferences need an alliance? I can only speculate but it is probably in response to Oklahoma and Texas’s announcement that they would be leaving the Big 12 and moving to the SEC. Universities typically don’t like change especially when it is a perceived loss of power. If you don’t agree with me then just take a look at how long the NCAA dragged their feet about paying student athletes.

It is interesting that it is these 3 conferences “teaming up” and leaving out the SEC and Big 12. The SEC is probably strong enough on their own when it comes to football especially with the addition of Texas and Oklahoma. From their perspective they don’t need an alliance when they are arguably the best conference in college sports. The Big 12 has got to be scrambling to find more schools to join them so that they can remain a Power 5 conference.

When thinking about the schools that could join the Big 12 to make up for the absence of Texas and Oklahoma there are a few schools that come to mind. Houston, SMU, and North Texas would make sense geographically, but it would also be a clear drop off in terms of athletics. There really aren’t that many schools that the Big 12 can add (barring poaching some teams from another Power 5 conference) that would make them retain their standing as a Power 5 conference.

That could be where this is heading- that we have only 4 “Power” Conferences. It will be interesting to see what the Big 12 can do to counter the loss of their 2 best athletic schools. Will they try and add schools or stand pat with 10? Will the Big 12 give up and just fold?

Depending on your perspective this announcement could be either an Alliance or an Axis of Evil. An Alliance for the Pac 12, ACC, and Big 10 as they look to “stabilize” the college sports landscape or a roadblock for the SEC and Big 12.

Author: Joey Bets

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