Tom Brady’s Retiring?!

So the big news today is that Tom Brady has announced his retirement.

People who know Brady said they saw the decision coming. I don’t know Brady at all so this was a huge shock to me. Thought the guy was going to keep playing till he was 50 or something. His brand and sports company TB12 are all about beating time and being at peak performance for longer than the average person. So what gives?

Now granted Tom did play well past what would be considered normal for a quarterback. He’s 44. I really did think he was going to play, and could play, for another 2 or 3 years though.

In Brady’s last year, this season, he led the league in touchdowns and passing yards in the regular season proving that he can still play at an elite level.

Tom Brady is obviously considered the GOAT among quarterbacks, but I thought he was going to play for a few more seasons and become the SUPERGOAT. He had a chance to put all of his records even more out of reach.

I guess if you think about it though, he probably didn’t want to come back and play for a mediocre Bucs team that lost Antonio Brown, Rob Gronkowski has become a shell of himself, and the defense wasn’t as good as last season. He probably thought that the team didn’t have the talent to make it to a Super Bowl again.

So congrats to Tom Brady on a great career. We probably won’t see another quarterback win 7 Super Bowls ever again.

Author: Joey Bets

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