Urban Meyer fired as coach of the Jaguars

It seemed like this was definitely coming sooner or later. Jags owner Shad Khan fired Urban Meyer last night as head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

I thought that they would wait until the end of the season at least. It is kind of brutal to fire a guy before he even gets through an entire season.

But then the story about Urban kicking Jacksonville’s place kicker at the time Josh Lambo came out on ESPN.

Here’s the quote from Lambo from the ESPN article

“Lambo said Meyer told him, “Hey Dips—, make your f—ing kicks!” and then kicked him in the leg. Lambo characterized the kick as a five out of 10 and then told the Tampa Bay Times he told Meyer: “Don’t you ever f—ing kick me again!” Lambo said Meyer told him, “I’m the head ball coach. I’ll kick you whenever the f— I want.”

That’s pretty damning and ugly stuff. Maybe not as ugly as Jon Gruden, but pretty close.

So Khan decided that enough is enough and fired Meyer about a day or two after that story came out.

Meyer leaves the Jaguars with a 2-11 record and numerous off the field incidents.

I’m guessing that it is probably going to be a while before Urban coaches again- if ever. The PR stuff has not been great.

Author: Joey Bets

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